Resources for Getting Started

Getting Started with NoRedInk

Start here! A step-by-step guide for setting up your classes and creating your first assignment

Overview of NoRedInk Activities

A list of articles about the different activities in NoRedInk, including overview videos and best practice tips

Instructional Resources

Sample lesson plans, strategies, and resources for tailoring NoRedInk to meet your students' needs or specific instructional goals

Interactive ideas for engaging students with NoRedInk

Instructions for almost twenty bonus challenges and interactive activities to motivate students and help build classroom community, even while teaching remotely.

Teacher Checklist or Checklist for Clever Schools

A step-by-step Premium onboarding checklist to help you get the most out of NoRedInk at the beginning, middle, and end of the year

Creating Units in NoRedInk

Instructions for how to build a unit and ready-made unit plans

Distance Learning Resources

Using NoRedInk for Distance Learning

A library of new resources and best practices for using NoRedInk with your students remotely

Helping students access NoRedInk at home

Tips to help make sure your students can access NoRedInk and continue writing at home

Adding students to your class via invite links

Remote-friendly tips for adding students to your class, including an invitation letter and videos

Using Guided Drafts for Distance learning

Best practices for using Guided Drafts effectively when you canโ€™t be with your students in person

Daily Quick Writes Challenge

Eleven weeks of engaging prompts that can be used either online or offline

Daily lesson plans

Ten weeks of mix-and-match activities for skill building, short writing practice, and essay drafting

Tips for students: Using NoRedInk at home

Self-directed guides for students using NoRedInk to practice topics and write daily

Printable Practice Worksheets

Twenty practice worksheets that can be printed for students without reliable access to internet or devices